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High quality and durable UK number plates and show plates, made and dispatched same day. Use our number plate maker to create your perfect plates, its simple and quick.

Number Plates Maker

Use our number plate maker to get your replacement plates. It’s quick and easy to use, we offer same day dispatch and fast delivery. Our number plates are exceptionally high quality, and certified to BS standards. You’ll find out number plate maker has a wide choice of options to customise your license plates.

We are the leading number plate maker in the UK. Simply fill in the form above and choose from a large array of customisations to create your perfect plate. Once you are happy with your selections, add to the basket and we’ll get busy making your new number plate. With same day dispatch, order your replacement number plate today from Show Plates Direct.

Our online plate builder is very straight forward… just select your desired product (a legal number plate or a show plate) and choose from many options available including colour, border, badge, slogan, font and more to create your perfect number plate. Once you are happy with your selections, add to the basket and we’ll get busy making your new reg plate.

Looking for market-leading number plates? Choose Show Plates Direct

Showplates Direct is one of the UK’s most popular sources for number plates. At Show Plates Direct, we offer a wide range of number plates to meet a variety of needs. Our website is home to a special number plates maker facility where you can design your replacement number plates. It only takes a few moments to use the number plates maker. The number plate maker offers a large number of options that will let you tailor your plates to your precise requirements. All the plates that we offer are of the highest quality and certified to BS standards. Same day dispatch is standard, and we are noted for our short delivery times. When you are happy with the look of your number plates design, just add them to your basket and confirm your order so we can start making them. You can choose from all sorts of options including border, badge, slogan, font and colour to create your ideal customised number plate. We offer road legal number plates and show plates that you can display in environments away from the road. All plates are built to last, with the weather in mind and are made from premium grade ABS. We use high-end production techniques to provide you with the perfect finish for your number plates. What are show number plates ? Can I use them on the road ? Show number plates can be shown off at all sorts of events and in many different environments. Many people buy show number plates to display them at events including showrooms, bike shows, car shows and race days. You can even show them off at home or in the office. Some motorists use them for photographs to make their vehicles look even better, and they can also make a great gift for the motoring enthusiast in your life. You can customise your show number plates by adding various fonts, slogans, borders, reg numbers, borders and badges. You do need to remember that show plates are not road legal, but they can be used for all sorts of different purposes. Our number plate maker is designed to be flexible and can be used to make road legal and show plates. I need road legal number plates. Can you help ? Yes. We provide our valued customers with road legal and show plates. If you are in need of road legal plates, just choose ‘Legal Style’ when using the plate maker facility. This will take the show plate options away, leaving you with just the legal options. Your registration number will be arranged in a legal format, with a BS number being added alongside our company name to make them compliant. If you want your number plates to be legal, you won’t be able to add any sort of background behind your reg number, including any pattern, shape or image. The reason for this is to make sure your reg number can be clearly identified. Cars, bikes and lorries made before Jan 1973 can carry black number plates, but we do not supply those. In the UK, front reg number plates have white backgrounds and yellow rear backgrounds. This remains the case even though white lights can now feature on the rear of vehicles. The font for road legal number plates is Charles Wright, and there are a few variations permitted, such as high line and 3D. Badges with text, flags and borders can be added to your plate. The following flags can be used: The Union Jack St George The Welsh Dragon St. Andrew or Saltire You can use these forms of text on your badge: ENG SCO WALES GB UK CYM   Are show number plates available for specific car manufacturers? Yes. We can supply show number plates for many car marques including BMW, Land Rover, Ford and Jaguar. How do I fit my number plates? We offer you the opportunity to purchase a number plate fitting kit with your plate order. This includes Stick on-pads and number plate screws and bolts. The application process is quick and simple. When do number plate dates change over during the year? There are different numbers to represent vehicles built between March and August and the September to February period. We are manufacturers of number plates and are unable to supply private registration numbers. We can add your number to a plate.   Letter and Number Arrangements on UK Number Plates No Date Reg Until 1963: No year and no ID for any road vehicles. Reg with Suffix Between 1963 to 1982: Three letters with 1, 2 or 3 numbers, and an ID letter. Reg with Prefix Issued from 1983 to 2001: A year ID letter + 1, 2 or 3 numbers, plus 3 letters. Modern Reg  From 2001 to present: Two letters, 2 year ID numbers and then 3 letters. To find out even more about our exceptional UK number plates, get in touch with ShowPlates Direct today.