Custom Number Plates

If you’re in need of custom number plates tailored directly towards your unique requirements, take a look at Show Plates Direct today. At Show Plates Direct, we have decades of experience behind us when it comes to producing and supplying bespoke number plates of the highest quality and we are only satisfied when you are completely content with the solutions we have provided to you. We are able to provide custom number plates for cars, bikes and for display purposes and can even order same-day dispatch. Our site is easy to navigate and is designed to provide the straightforward service you deserve.

Plates that stand the test of time

When you buy custom number plates from Show Plates Direct, you can rest assured that you’re ordering plates that are built to last. We are well-known for our customer service standards and are able to offer a wide range of delivery options. Our customer network is growing all the time, and more and more happy customers are recommending us to their friends and family members. The plates that we manufacture are produced from premium grade ABS, and we use techniques of the highest quality to provide the ideal finish.

How can I customise my plates?

Our online plate maker is the ideal tool for designing your own bespoke number plates, and you simply need to opt for the plate type ‘Legal Style’ if you need to purchase compliant plates for everyday road use. You have various options available when it comes to borders, flags, text and variations on the Charles Wright font when designing road-legal plates. We are able to provide plates of the highest standard. Although we cannot provide you with a private registration number, we can add one to a plate once you have purchased it from the DVLA.

Decades of experience

We have vast experience when it comes to manufacturing custom number plates for specific car manufacturers, particular brands like Land Rover, BMW, Ford and Jaguar. Our plates are manufactured to British Standards, and we can provide you with a fitting kit to simplify the process of adding your plates to your vehicle. The kitting kit comes complete several items to help you complete the fitting process, including screws, stick-on pads and bolts. We strongly recommend that you opt for the fitting kit when placing your order to get the flexibility and ease of application you need.


strong>The purpose of number plates

Number plates exist for a number of reasons and are used around the world. They were first introduced to ensure vehicles could be traced with ease after accidents and motoring offences and ensure all vehicles have an identity. Registration numbers seen on number plates link back to the DVLA’s central database, which provides information such as the colour, make and model of the vehicle as well as the motorist’s address. Number plates are essential for keeping for roads safe and ensure those breaking the law can swiftly be identified by the authorities.

Competitive prices

We are able to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market when it comes to custom number plates. Whether you’re buying custom plates for yourself, a friend or family member, you can expect the highest standard of customer service. We are always on hand to advise you if you need any more information on the products that we offer and endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible once you receive your query. To find out more about the custom and road-legal number plates that we supply, simply send a message to