Take a look at the UK’s funniest number plates

People purchase private number plates for all sorts of reasons, with some opting for numbers that closely resemble their names or that represent something very special to them. However, some people have used number plates to make witty, entertaining and often cheeky statements whilst out on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the UK’s most amusing number plates right now.

Sex and relationships

Many vehicle owners have sourced registration plates which helped them tell the world all about their love lives. One driver who had presumably been through a break-up chose to mark their new relationship status by purchasing a reg plate that read ‘H8 HER’, whilst another motorist who may have faced challenges in the bedroom was seen with a plate with the number ‘V14GRA’. Another road user was snapped with a plate that featured the suspicious message ‘WHO5 SHE’, with another cheeky plate enthusiast showing off a plate reading ‘K1 NKY’.

Weather, food and drink

Over the years, there have been many weather-related reg plates seen on the roads of Britain, with one famous plate adorning the number ‘S0KIN’. Food and drink-related plates are also a common sight. One driver, possibly a British Bake Off fan, was pictured with a ‘MOI5SST’ plate, whilst a food delivery lorry boasted a plate announcing ‘UK 54LAD’. One fan of hot drinks has been seen showcasing a ‘T333AGS’ plate, whilst another motorist, perhaps a lover of pasties added a ‘GRI3 GGS’ number plate to their vehicle.

Jobs and finance

Some drivers use registration plates to describe what they do for a living, with one cleaning van having a plate with the number ‘JANI7OR’. ‘MR 5ANTA’ has also been spotted on UK roads, as have many plates linked to the worlds of film and TV, such as the perhaps beer ad-related ‘H005 DAT’. One perhaps ironic plate featured the number ‘SKII NT’, although buying your own private number plate doesn’t always have to cost the earth. Some of the other most talked-about funny number plates include the Star Wars-related ‘OBI ONES’, the friendly ‘HI HUN’ and ‘4 MPG’, seen on a gas-guzzling sports car. We’ve also seen the cute, pet-inspired ‘MEI0 CAT’ making its way through traffic.

Outrageous plates

Around the UK and across the world, people have parted with their cash to show off number plates featuring numbers such as the worrying ‘P54 CHO’, the outrageous ‘UR UGLY’ and the very cheeky ‘TE51 CLE’, ‘G5 POT’ and ‘BOII LUX’. The internet is awash with examples of x-rated number plates from around the planet, though it remains to be seen how many of these were genuinely permitted on their country’s roads and which ones were the products of digital manipulation.

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