How to fit plates with sticky pads

When buying your plate we recommend you also purchase a fitting kit.

A fitting kit will be offered to you as soon as you have designed your custom plate via the plate builder. If you choose to add the item to your purchase, it will be dispatched alongside your plate order.

The items below are all included in the fitting kit:
1. 2 yellow screw caps
2. 4 coated self-tapping screws
3. 2 white screw caps
4. 6 double sided sticky pads
5. 2 black screw caps

Where possible, it is recommended these kits are used rather than inserting holes into the plates. For example using the double sided sticky pads ensures there is no need to drill into the plate:

In order to apply the double sided sticky pads, please insert them onto the rear sides of the plate. It is also important to ensure that the positioning is accurate the first time the plates are fitted as at the pads are extremely sticky.

If you do decide to drill into the plate you should do so on the back, whilst ensuring the plate is held into place.