The UK’s Funniest Number Plates

By | April 4th, 2018|number plates|

Take a look at the UK’s funniest number plates People purchase private number plates for all sorts of reasons, with some opting for numbers that closely resemble their names or that represent something very special to them. However, some people have used number plates to make witty, entertaining and often cheeky statements whilst out on [...]

Car check-up – a step by step guide to checking your car’s health

By | January 6th, 2015|Show Plates|

When you own a car, you need to know a few basics: how to change the oil; how to replace the wipers; what all those dashboard lights mean. But that’s not enough. Every responsible car owner knows the importance of maintaining your car’s good health by giving it a quick once-over every couple of months. […]

Where Are They Now – Movie Star Cars And What Became Of Them

By | January 6th, 2015|Show Plates|

We all have a favourite fictional vehicle – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Herbie; Optimus Prime – there are dozens of famous movie cars of various shapes and sizes. But what happens to these movie star cars when they reach the end of the road?  We’ve tracked down a few of our favourites to find out where they are now. […]

Venetian Gondolas Start Wearing Number Plates

By | January 6th, 2015|Show Plates|

When you think of Venice you probably imagine moonlit canals, floating along in a vintage gondola while a stripy-shirted gondolier sings Italian classics while guiding you under ornate bridges. Now imagine that gondola with a licence plate attached to it. Doesn’t quite have the same romance, does it? Yet Venetian gondoliers have recently been ordered to fit their vessels with GPS and personalised numberplates, following a series of complaints of bad behaviour. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about glaring white EU-standard show plates here. In typically Venetian style, the gondola plates take the form of elegant little metallic numbers which are subtly affixed to the side of the craft. And as there is a strict limit on the number of licensed gondoliers in the city (currently 425), the licence plates will never exceed three digits in length. […]

How to make sure your number plates will never be stolen

By | January 6th, 2015|Show Plates|

Number plate theft may not seem like a big deal, but it can wreak havoc on innocent drivers. Plates are usually stolen in order to be used in criminal activities – anything from ram raiding and drug trafficking, to driving away from petrol forecourts without paying. The onus is on the owner of the original plates to prove that they are innocent, but in the meantime the fines and court summons will just keep on stacking up. The AA has been warning about the dangers of number-plate theft for years, and there are now a whole host of great products and services out there to help ensure that your normal plates or even your show plates stay attached to your car. Here are five of our top tips to make sure that your number-plates are never stolen in the UK. […]

How to Fit Number Plates With Screws

By | September 11th, 2014|Show Plates|

We’re here to show you that it’s not a big job to fit number plates with screws- simply watch the video below and grab your number plate fitting kit to get started! Now your replacement number plates from Show Plates Direct have arrived you may be wondering how to attach them to your car… And fixing your number plates with screws is simple! […]

How to fit number plates with sticky pads

By | August 27th, 2014|Show Plates|

Have you ever wondered how to fit your number plates to your car? Well, fitting numberplate’s with sticky pads couldn’t be easier! Once your replacement number plates or show plates from Show Plates Direct have arrived in the post, fitting them to your vehicle with sticky pads is simple! Just watch the video below and grab your sticky pads to get fitting! […]

Number plates banned by the DVLA

By | July 1st, 2014|Show Plates|

As we all know, a personalised number plate can make your car unique and stand out from the crowd. At the same time, it is a statement of individuality that tells other road users something about yourself or the actual vehicle. What’s more, if you manage to find and buy a unique or highly sought-after [...]

Google’s Android Auto transforms your dashboard into a mobile device

By | June 4th, 2014|Show Plates|

Even though using a mobile phone while driving is illegal and can lead to hefty fines or even result in an accident, several motorists continue to make calls and send text messages behind the wheel. However, Google has unveiled a new system that would address this issue and also provide drivers with even more in-car [...]

Eight Things You Probably Do Whilst Driving That Are Actually Illegal

By | May 24th, 2014|Show Plates|

Everyone knows the story – you learn to drive to pass your test, then the real education of how to drive in the real world begins.The habits and misconceptions that drivers pick up when they first start going it alone are hard to shift, and there’s a good chance that keeping up with changes in the highway code isn’t high on the priority list for bedtime reading. To help set some things straight, here’s our list of top eight things that many drivers do, but far from being frowned upon, are actually illegal: […]