6 Surprising Facts about Custom Number Plates

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Personalized number plates add character to a car. But there is so much about them that is so intriguing; we can’t turn to look when a particularly creative one goes by. But there is so much more to personalized number plates that most people are unaware of. Here are just 6 of the most surprising [...]

5 Facts about Personalized Number Plates

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Private number plates are fascinating in so many ways. You can be lucky enough to find a combination that describes exactly what you want. What we all know if that they tend to be expensive and very rare. But what most understand is that they are not necessarily reserved for the rich and famous. Anyone [...]

What To Do With Your Car When You’re Not Driving It

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What to Do With Your Car When You're Not Driving It   Have a vehicle you’re not driving? Perhaps it’s a car that requires repairs, a classic car mostly for display, one that’s on blocks rather than a wheels, a car you were using before your licence was suspended due to a medical condition such [...]

The Fastest Cars in The World 2018

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Need For Speed: What Are The Fastest Cars in The World in 2018? We've put together a fancy little info graphic outlining the fastest cars in the world in 2018. From the Bugatti to The Pagani - Who Rules the roads for top speed? If you'd like to use our infographic, no problem! We've put [...]

Fun Facts About Number Plates

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Fun facts about number plates you may not know The history of number plates is a fascinating one, and there are all sorts of interesting and odd facts about them. Read on to enjoy a host of fun facts about number plates. The plate ‘T8’ was one of the very first celebrity plates and was [...]

The Worlds Most Expensive Number Plates

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Take a look at some of the world’s most expensive number plates People purchase private number plates for all sorts of reasons. Many people add personalised number plates to their vehicles to express their personalities or celebrate their wealth, whilst others see them as an investment that they can make a sizeable profit on later. [...]

The UK’s Funniest Number Plates

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Take a look at the UK’s funniest number plates People purchase private number plates for all sorts of reasons, with some opting for numbers that closely resemble their names or that represent something very special to them. However, some people have used number plates to make witty, entertaining and often cheeky statements whilst out on [...]

Car check-up – a step by step guide to checking your car’s health

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When you own a car, you need to know a few basics: how to change the oil; how to replace the wipers; what all those dashboard lights mean. But that’s not enough. Every responsible car owner knows the importance of maintaining your car’s good health by giving it a quick once-over every couple of months. […]

Where Are They Now – Movie Star Cars And What Became Of Them

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We all have a favourite fictional vehicle – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Herbie; Optimus Prime – there are dozens of famous movie cars of various shapes and sizes. But what happens to these movie star cars when they reach the end of the road?  We’ve tracked down a few of our favourites to find out where they are now. […]

Venetian Gondolas Start Wearing Number Plates

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When you think of Venice you probably imagine moonlit canals, floating along in a vintage gondola while a stripy-shirted gondolier sings Italian classics while guiding you under ornate bridges. Now imagine that gondola with a licence plate attached to it. Doesn’t quite have the same romance, does it? Yet Venetian gondoliers have recently been ordered to fit their vessels with GPS and personalised numberplates, following a series of complaints of bad behaviour. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about glaring white EU-standard show plates here. In typically Venetian style, the gondola plates take the form of elegant little metallic numbers which are subtly affixed to the side of the craft. And as there is a strict limit on the number of licensed gondoliers in the city (currently 425), the licence plates will never exceed three digits in length. […]